Personalize a Swag Bag with Liquid Chalk Markers

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I am that mom… the crafty one! I’m the mom that rummages through the dollar spot at Target for bits and bobs to make pretty things. Ya know… the one that spends $20 on crafting a handmade card as opposed to buying a $5 Hallmark card. So, I’ve seen the trendy chalkboard crafts and have been a little hesitant to attempt creating any chalk projects. Confession time! Chalk is my kryptonite. Chalk is like… well it’s like nails on a chalkboard! It just makes my skin crawl.

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There is something about the scratching of chalk on a chalkboard that just makes my jaws clench, my eyes twitch, and my ears ache. I must have been traumatized in the classroom at a young age by being called to the chalkboard by a teacher. While I am not totally sure why, I just cannot stand the squeaky sound of chalk on a chalkboard. I wasn’t exactly searching for a solution for any chalk phobias when I came across the Chalkmaster® Liquid Chalk Markers, but I am happy to have stumbled onto something that works for me. Setting aside my personal chalk issues, chalk is messy too, right? Regular chalk is a powdery, dusty mess that gets all over everything. There are also a limited color choices in regular chalk, while these liquid chalk markers are available in 18 different colors.

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Another advantage to using liquid chalk markers are the reversible tips. This allows you to choose to use a fine round tip for precision drawing or a thicker chiseled tip for more coverage. The marker tips will need to be primed before use. To prime the marker, push the tip down on a hard surface a few times to draw the ink into the tip. Once the liquid chalk moves into the tip it will distribute smoothly on the surface. The liquid dries quickly with a bit of a chalky, matte finish. Let’s make some swag!

What you’ll need:

Alphabet Stencil
Canvas tote
Cardboard box
Chalk Markers
Craft flowers
Fabric Glue


Step 1. Place a piece of cardboard inside the tote to prevent the marker from bleeding through.

Step 2. Put the stencil in place and press firmly against the surface of the bag.

Step 3. Fill inside the stencil with the chalk marker.     Pro Tip: Prime the marker beforehand to avoid mishaps and to save time.

Step 4. Repeat this step for each portion of the stencil.

Step 5: Set aside to dry.

Step 6: Decorate as desired.

I used a white liquid chalk marker with an alphabet stencil to draw “MOM SWAG” on the front of a neon green bag, then added a few embellishments. Once the chalk dried, I filled the bag with mom essentials and the project was complete!

chalk markers 3

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