Fun with Metallic Tattoos

metallic tattoos bracelet
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Both of my kids love temporary tattoos. We have had tattoos of all kinds over the years. Read on to find out more about these fun metallic tattoos!

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While I’m on the subject of tattoos… I never followed through on getting a tattoo that I had planned on getting in my early twenties. Most of my siblings have ink, and some of my friends have ink. I am a total fan of this form of art. I know that not everyone loves tattoos, and in fact, some people can be down right rude and judgy about those that have tattoos. This reminds me of a grocery store trip years ago! I was approached by a very rude individual while shopping. At the time both of my kids were sporting temporary tattoos on their legs. This complete stranger approached me and gave me her two cents on my children having tattoos visible on their skin. She thought the tattoos were real and was disgusted by this. I simply told her that the tattoos were temporary and just for fun. We then dismissed her and her judgement and went on our way. While some people may not approve of tattoos, temporary or otherwise, my kids enjoy them so I allow them the freedom of wearing the temporary tattoos.

To add to our tattoo collection, I purchased some Metallic Tattoos by Terra Tattoos™. When the tattoos arrived, I was instantly mesmerized by the beautiful designs. The tattoos are a very shimmery, metallic color that sparkles in the light. These tattoos are gorgeous! There are six full sheets of tattoos in varying designs from very trendy feathers, arrows, chevrons, and much more.  Each sheet of tattoos is covered with a transparent film to protect the images from sticking or smudging. The tattoos are printed on full sheets, but individual images can be cut with scissors when ready to use. The metallic tattoos activate very easily, unlike other brands of tattoos that are hard to apply. Below is a peek of each of the sheets.

metallic tattoos 6 metallic tattoos 5 metallic tattoos 4 metallic tattoos 3 metallic tattoos 2 metallic tattoos 1

Application is simple. Here are the steps that I used to apply the metallic tattoos:
1. Clean and dry the area of the skin where the tattoo will be applied. Dry skin is key!! Otherwise the design will slip. I am speaking from personal experience on the slipping.
2. With scissors, cut the image from the full sheet.
3. Remove protective film from image.
4. Place image design FACE DOWN on skin.
5. Press over image with damp cloth and hold for approximately 30 seconds, or until paper is saturated and you can see the image through the paper. I find that warm water works best.
6. Lift a corner to see if the tattoo has transferred.
7. Peel away and discard paper.

metallic tattoos bracelet

One thing that I didn’t like about the metallic tattoos is that some of the designs are placed very close to others on the sheet, particularly on the long bracelet style tattoos. This makes it very hard to cut individual images. This could easily be corrected by providing a bit more blank space between the images on the sheets. It would certainly help prevent cutting mishaps.

metallic tattoos

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