Relaxing with Spiced Tea

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Tea is one of my favorite drinks! I am a southern gal so sweet tea is a staple in our house. We practically drink a gallon of tea every single day! It’s a necessity during the warm summer months for sure! In the last year I have ventured out and tried new varieties of teas. I have tried flavored teas. Who knew there were so many flavored teas available? I have tried therapeutic teas; some that calm, some that relieve stress, and even some that help with sleep. I am particularly a fan of cold teas, but have more recently been enjoying hot teas. I find that spiced teas are a great way to relax after a stressful day.

spiced tea

I ordered some Dr. Rosemary’s Spiced Tea and the moment I opened the bag I noticed a pleasant minty aroma. The tea is large and coarse allowing it to remain in the  strawberry infuser that is provided. The large dried leaves of the spiced tea are full of amazing aroma. The infuser does a great job in keeping small bits and debris from getting into your drink. Not only does the loose tea have a wonderful smell when dry, but once the tea is steeped you will find that the room has a wonderful aroma that is reminiscent of the holidays.

spiced tea with infuser

The bag of tea has a zipper seal so it can be stored and kept fresh. The tea is organic and caffeine free.


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