Using Metallic Tattoos in Mixed Media Craft Projects

metallic tattoos header image
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I originally purchased some Metallic Tattoos by Terra Tattoos™ for my kids. I wrote about them here. Soon after using the tattoos, I had an epiphany! I wanted to try using the metallic tattoos in mixed media craft projects.

metallic tattoos header image

I opted to use the metallic tattoos like rub-ons in a mixed media project. I started with a pre-made background in my art journal. There are lots of yummy layers of paper pieces and paint already on the page.

I cut out an image from the full sheet of tattoos and removed the protective sheet from the image. I placed the image face down on the page and used a mini mister filled with water to saturate the back of the tattoo.

metallic tattoos water

I let the water soak into the paper for about 30 seconds. Notice the image is visible through the paper.

metallic tattoos press
Next I pressed over the image with my finger nail. Once the image paper was translucent I peeled away the paper to reveal the fixed tattoo.

metallic tattoos peel

I cannot even begin to describe how dreamy these tattoos are. They are so easy to apply!! The tattoos go on easier than any rub-on that I have ever used in my years of crafting.

metallic tattoos art journal page

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